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Focused Advertising Exchange

Designed by retailers, web experts, and marketing gurus. We understand that digital media can be complex and we make it simple to achieve your business objectives. We develop digital intelligence that drives more business and brand awareness in the market areas that you serve. In an ever changing digital environment you can find simplicity in promoting your digital presence and localized brand. BRX brings marketing automation and connection to merchandising efforts that create a partnership that drives sales, profits, goodwill, and long term growth for your business using best practices and technology that accesses 97% of the Internet to benefit your business!

Our skilled team of creatives and marketing/development coordinators is what gives us our strength. Each member brings a unique skill set and flavor to the table which they contribute to each project they work on. Find out more about the people that make the magic happen.

Meet The Team

Richard Andolshek

Chairman and CEO

Richard is a seasoned business executive with over 30 years’ experience in retail ownership, commercial development, corporate development, private Investment Banking, M&A, Debt and Equity Financing, Buyouts, LBO’s  and acting as a principal operator, and/or advisor. His expertise also includes strategic planning and positioning management needs, and negotiating funding’s and exits.

Albin Andolshek


A developed Professional with a background in Small and Medium Size business ownership and operations, Albin created a unique value proposition for retailers, consumers, and large global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) companies. This business model is used by the largest retailers today. Albin spent over 10 years in internet, software, and online advertising.

Pam Whitaker

Vice President of Accounts

A recognized national sales and relationships expert with a background in regional, national, and global business, Pam identifies clients’ needs. She is an expert at crisis management, needs analysis, relationship selling, closing contracts, SWOT analysis, training account directors and managers, team building, reporting, cross functional internal and client management. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest retailers and brands throughout the course of her diverse and extremely successful career in business.

Thanh Nguyen

Vice President of Technology

Thanh brings more than 15 years of tech experience to help bridge the gap between technology and marketing, ensuring a smooth integration of new platforms between all parties. His knowledge and passion about the latest technology platforms, marketing principles, best practices, copywriting and other marketing methodologies, help our clients improve their digital marketing initiatives resulting in the best possible ROI.

Pat Mundsack

Vice President of Marketing

Pat is a creative thinker and master organizer who ensures all accounts are in good hands. Pat is a pro when it comes to the more sophisticated aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, analytics and tagging. She can bring your marketing strategy to life. When it comes to getting the job done right, Pat is “all business” as a result of working in the legal and corporate world. She brings years of experience in marketing, business processes, accounting, human resources, and information technology.

Jennifer O’Donnell

Controller/Ad Operations

With over 22 years’ experience in accounting and 10 years’ experience in advertising, Jeni can do just about anything! Along with financial reporting, accounts and budgeting for Brick, she is the go to person for Advertising Operations. Jeni works with you to make your advertising campaigns successful.

Kemet Jolly

Director of Infrastructure

Kemet focuses on refining the technology road mapping process to assure IT activities align to your business needs. Kemet’s broad understanding across many IT domains brings simplicity to the challenge that traditional organizations experience in the face of modern technology. He understands and develops strategies to respond to the ever changing digital infrastructures.

Angie Husby

Account Manager

Angie makes sure our clients are taken care of. A versatile communications pro, Angie’s customer service expertise spans more than 12 years.  She ensures all changes and requests of our client’s accounts are properly handled.

Ellen Bethke

Digital Circular Manager

When it comes to launching your weekly circulars and specials onto their websites, Ellen is the one to talk to. Under her direction and with her expert eye for detail, Ellen ensures a smooth transition of editing, reviewing and launching all of your weekly ads.

Santosh Rijal


Santosh, our developer, has over 7 years of IT experience. With his vast knowledge of computer programing, he is able to align the technical side of digital media to your strategic marketing and business objectives.

Linda Conroy

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

When you walk into Brick, Linda is the first face to greet you! Whether it is managing office operations, scheduling or invoicing, she keeps it all organized.

Binh Nguyen

Graphic Designer

Binh is our graphic designer who brings the creativity and latest techniques to online display. A University of Minnesota College of Design graduate, Binh works diligently to make your company stand out.

Haley Epping

Digital Media Specialist

Haley is our recent graduate from the University of Minnesota.  She is a social media guru with a degree in communication studies, who helps market your business’ messages on a variety of digital platforms.

Anna Lotzer

Ad Operations / Sales Support

Anna is our keyword and display advertising expert. Her experience in web services, desktop publishing, data management and sales support means she understands digital advertising. She knows how to target and use keywords to drive your campaigns to the right audience.

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