Digital Marketing Rock Stars | Developing Strategies That Work
You Have A Vision, We Execute It.

Situated in the heart of Minneapolis, BRICK is a boutique digital marketing agency where big ideas come to life. We work with businesses large and small to create something of value. You have a vision, and we have the smarts. Working together, we develop online strategies to create, build, and grow your business.

We are a group of computer nerds, googlers, graphic design artists, Facebook fanatics, marketing mavens, and customer service rock stars! Our diverse backgrounds bring together creativity, innovation, and a lot of Minnesota Nice! We care a lot about what we do, the businesses we work with, and developing strategies that work.

Meet The Team

Richard Andolshek

Chairman and CEO

Richard is a seasoned business executive with over 30 years’ experience in retail ownership, commercial development, corporate development, private Investment Banking, M&A, Debt and Equity Financing, Buyouts, LBO’s  and acting as a principal operator, and/or advisor. His expertise also includes strategic planning and positioning management needs, and negotiating funding’s and exits.

Albin Andolshek


A developed Professional with a background in Small and Medium Size business ownership and operations, Albin created a unique value proposition for retailers, consumers, and large global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) companies. This business model is used by the largest retailers today. Albin spent over 10 years in internet, software, and online advertising.

Jennifer O’Donnell

Controller/Ad Operations

With over 22 years’ experience in accounting and 10 years’ experience in advertising, Jeni can do just about anything! Along with financial reporting, accounts and budgeting for Brick, she is the go to person for Advertising Operations. Jeni works with you to make your advertising campaigns successful.

Thanh Nguyen

Vice President of Technology

Thanh brings more than 15 years of tech experience to help bridge the gap between technology and marketing, ensuring a smooth integration of new platforms between all parties. His knowledge and passion about the latest technology platforms, marketing principles, best practices, copywriting and other marketing methodologies, help our clients improve their digital marketing initiatives resulting in the best possible ROI.

Elliott Olson

Dakota Worldwide Partner

Elliott is a pioneer, helping clients grow sales and profits with advanced techniques in spatial analysis and consumer research. He has aided clients worldwide primarily in the fields of supermarkets, discount stores and hypermarkets, drug stores, petrol and convenience  stores, QSR, building supplies, banking and health care. With increased competition from accelerated store growth, the rise of web based sales and the expansion of traditional grocery categories by non-grocers, extreme stress has been put on the retail system. Clients are now requesting help with marketing, advertising, and revenue management in the segmented fast paced digital world. To that end Elliot is partnering with companies with innovative technology.

Christine Walsh

Director of Business Development

With more than 35 years of food industry experience, Christine brings knowledge and expertise in areas ranging from consumer research and marketing, wholesale and merchandising, supply chain operations and digital technology. Whether its creating marketing strategy, managing supply chain traceability or driving sales through retail distribution, Christine has the breadth of experience to make a complicated process easier to manage.

Ellen Bethke

Digital Circular Manager

When it comes to launching your weekly circulars and specials onto their websites, Ellen is the one to talk to. Under her direction and with her expert eye for detail, Ellen ensures a smooth transition of editing, reviewing and launching all of your weekly ads.

Santosh Rijal


Santosh, our developer, has over 7 years of IT experience. With his vast knowledge of computer programing, he is able to align the technical side of digital media to your strategic marketing and business objectives.

Phil Morin

Director of Operations

Phil has over 15 years experience in advertising/media. Having been on both the buying sales side, he is able to help facilitate in all areas of the placement process. He helps manage accounts for advertising and web development, making sure all clients needs are met.

Angie Husby

Account Manager

Angie makes sure our clients are taken care of. A versatile communications pro, Angie’s customer service expertise spans more than 12 years.  She ensures all changes and requests of our client’s accounts are properly handled.

Haley Epping

Digital Media Specialist

Haley is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota.  She is a social media guru with a degree in communication studies, who helps market your business’ messages on a variety of digital platforms.

Anna Lotzer

Ad Operations / Sales Support

Anna is our keyword and display advertising expert. Her experience in web services, desktop publishing, data management and sales support means she understands digital advertising. She knows how to target and use keywords to drive your campaigns to the right audience.

Linda Conroy

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

When you walk into Brick, Linda is the first face to greet you! Whether it is managing office operations, scheduling or invoicing, she keeps it all organized.

Tam Hoang

Graphic Designer

Tam is a storyteller, a man of ideas. Graduated with an Advertising degree, he brings each concept to life through effective visual elements and relevant words. Tam finds inspiration in simplicity and impactful solutions. He understands your brand vision and wants to tell your brand story. He designs to enhance the consumers’ experience, not for the competition.

Loc Duong

System Administrator

Loc is a Dunwoody College of Technology alumni with a degree in computer networking, and over 2 years experience in the IT field. His work focuses on the storage, maintenance and security of all hardware and software related infrastructure. Loc ensures all technology runs smoothly and successfully.