Digital Marketing Rock Stars | Developing Strategies That Work
You Have A Vision, We Execute It.

Situated in the heart of Minneapolis, BRICK is a boutique digital marketing agency where big ideas come to life. We work with businesses large and small to create something of value. You have a vision, and we have the smarts. Working together, we develop online strategies to create, build, and grow your business.

We are a group of computer nerds, googlers, graphic design artists, Facebook fanatics, marketing mavens, and customer service rock stars! Our diverse backgrounds bring together creativity, innovation, and a lot of Minnesota Nice! We care a lot about what we do, the businesses we work with, and developing strategies that work.

Meet The Team

Richard Andolshek

Founder and Entrepreneur who is experienced in Startup, mid-stage and Public companies. Extensive background in retail operations, Hardware, Software, Newspaper, Radio and Digital Media. Has combined the learned skills of Retail and Media to maximize the positive effect of Artificial Intelligence Technology to increase Branding, awareness, sales and profit for Brick Clients.

  • Loves to fly and fish
  • I vote, therefore I can complain
  • Enjoy good food, friends and family
Albin Andolshek

Albin is a seasoned problem solver with extensive background in retail, digital, and engineering solutions. He uses deep understanding of modern technology to deliver on solutions that help clients grow and flourish in an ever-changing world of business.

  • Drives a Traxxas Slash – Loves RC
  • Enjoys competition on anything!
  • Conversationalist
Kim Bolz-Andolshek
Chief Revenue Officer

All things Revenue…Meeting fantastic prospective clients, ensuring our current clients are happy as clams and celebrating an incredible team of people who bring their own brand of magic to the table to make the first two items possible.

  • I have a top the tater and ripple chips addiction-the struggle is real.
  • Played in a basketball tourney in the Netherlands as a team of one. Came in 15/30
  • Have snorkeled between the tectonic plates in Iceland-in a dry suit, one size too small (could barely swallow, but stayed dry!)
Jennifer O’Donnell
Controller /
Ad Ops

Jennifer is responsible for financial reporting, accounts and budgeting along with advertising operations.

  • I love CrossFit! Although I question this obsession daily.
  • Enjoy being outside with my children, grandchildren and puppy Kirby.
  • My favorite thing to do in the fall is golf.
Thanh Nguyen
Vice President
of Technology

Lead and assist in all matters of IT at Brick. “June: What does IT Stand for?”, the IT Crowd. I make sure that Brick’s infrastructures are running at maximum stability with highest level of security and up-time.

  • My favorite site is Github because I love to build things. Follow me on ttps://github.com/noogen
  • Golf and relaxing on a the beach is my idea of a great vacation. Peace, Love and Golf!
  • I stay warm in the cold winter of Minnesota playing in the M8 Pool League.
Dakota Worldwide

Elliott is a pioneer, helping clients grow sales and profits with advanced techniques in spatial analysis and consumer research. He has aided clients worldwide primarily in the fields of supermarkets, discount stores and hypermarkets, drug stores, petrol and convenience  stores, QSR, building supplies, banking and health care. With increased competition from accelerated store growth, the rise of web based sales and the expansion of traditional grocery categories by non-grocers, extreme stress has been put on the retail system. Clients are now requesting help with marketing, advertising, and revenue management in the segmented fast paced digital world. To that end Elliot is partnering with companies with innovative technology.

Director Marketing and
Business Development

Marketing, Merchandising, Business Development and Education – It’s what I have been doing for 35 years. At BRICK, I work with clients and BRICK team on marketing and business development activities.

  • Crazy about Dogs – and love being around them
  • I have been reading books since I was a little kid. Now I am catching up on the classics including Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, Emily Bronte, Ernest Hemingway, Tolkein, CS Lewis, etc.
  • Crazy about England’s Royal Family – have watched everything I can and am connected to QEII on Twitter
Phil Morin
Director of

Assure all client needs are met through strategic operational standards.

  • I won a contest for creating a hamburger
  • I ride motorcycle as much as possible (ask which one I might currently have since I tend to switch often)
  • Watch as much MN Wild hockey as I can
Tam Hoang

Tam leads and inspires creativity and innovation to brings each concept to life. He understands your brand vision and wants to tell your brand story.

  • I’m a really good cook.
  • My all-time most favorite book: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield
  • Love traveling: #1 destination to go is Italy, looking up at the Sistine Chapel Painting of Michel Angelo
Digital Circular

Ellen makes certain your weekly ad and any special sales are launched to the website in a timely manner.

  • I love spoiling our two grandsons.
  • I am a collector of snowmen!
  • I cannot resist Perkins Fresh Strawberry Pie.
Anna Lotzer
Digital Media

I set up and manage search campaigns, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising which includes writing ad copy and researching keywords.

  • I could spend days in museums.
  • Korean Dramas are my thing.
  • Have lived in 11 states since I was born but consider Appleton, Wisconsin my hometown…
Haley Epping
Digital Media

Haley is a social media guru, digital marketing diva, and strategist.

  • Brunch is my favorite meal
  • Fall is my favorite season because of the leaf colors, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and fall boots
  • I’ve snorkeled with sharks in Mexico!
Santosh Rijal


Application development, client support

  • Can speak 4 different languages
  • Visited 10 different countries
  • Skol Vikings, Manchester United
Junior System

In charged with supporting and maintaining company’s equipments, responding to service outages and other problems.

  • My hobbies are biking, stargaze and water sports
  • Sealyham terrier is my favorite ever
  • The best vacation for me is to spend time at a cabin in Wisconsin
Executive Assistant /
Office Manager

Linda handles anything that’s needs to be done around the office, invoicing/accounting and working with Ads.

  • I do a lot of sewing
  • Love dogs
  • Love travel and camping