Aerista gains exceptional leads and web traffic from investment in digital advertising. The aviation sales company partnered with BRICK to bring more prospects to their website and digital showroom.



Digital Advertising

Landing Page Optimization




Appnexus Display, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords

RETURN ON AD INVESTMENT (10/1/2020 – 12/31/2020)

3.8 million



Aircraft Equipment Dealer Aerista is an aviation retailer from Oregon that provides best-in-class airplane sales experiences. Since 2009, their team of industry specialists, pilots and professionals has been committed to the pre-owned airplane market, supporting buyers and sellers with a sales network that guarantees best prices in aircraft nationwide.




Generating High-Quality Leads

Aerista wanted to focus on getting new clients interested in selling their airplane with the company, specifically via their digital showroom hosted on their website.


Expanding Brand Presence

Aerista wanted to generate more awareness of their brand so that their company came top-of-mind to any potential customer looking to sell or buy an airplane.




BRICK partnered with Aerista to demonstrate value in digital advertising for establishing their equipment dealer brand amongst in targeted audiences that were ready to convert into customers. Our team proposed a few tactics to help Aerista meet their goals.


Audience Targeting

BRICK identified different audience groups for ads based on interests and intent-based keywords. Our team also used data from Aerista’s website to develop audience segments based on people that had visited their website. This enabled Aerista to send digital advertising to the right prospects, including those directly interested in buying or selling airplanes.


Multi-platform Advertising

BRICK leveraged multiple ad networks and systems to reach as many prospects as possible, but also remarket to interested parties that had visited Aerista’s website.


Web & Ad Optimization

After collecting data from initial ad campaigns, BRICK optimized Aerista’s landing pages to convert more leads upon visit. Our team also used data to refine ad targeting and expand reach in high-value audience segments.




Through their partnership with BRICK, Aerista gained a significant influx of qualified leads and web traffic to their site and digital showroom. Their investment in paid advertising resulted in real customer engagement, more contacts, and greater awareness of Aerista’s services within the aviation retail industry. BRICK provided monthly reporting that detailed events and conversions from advertising.
  • 148 Sales-Ready Leads
  • 11,952 New Website Visitors
  • 3.8 Million Ad Impressions
  • 26,280 Website Page Views
“We hadn’t considered the impact paid ads would have on growth and getting customers into the sales pipeline. It felt like too big a risk for us. The team at BRICK proved its value right off the jump.”   – Chris & Steve, co-founders of Aerista

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