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Ever wonder how long certain situations will last in a very dominating way? I look back in time and think about crossing the Atlantic in a ship. Not a modern Cruise Liner, a vessel like Columbus had with sails on it. Entirely dependent on the trade winds and an excellent navigator. You know, something that took 60 days to get from Spain to America! Now the Queen Mary 2 can make it in one week, still a ship on which many people enjoy the journey. By the way, we can now fly across the Atlantic in about 6 hours or so – faster if you are a fighter pilot.


So what’s the point one may ask? I guess travel is travel and it’s really all about the convenience and speed. I bring up the journey and the convenience and speed to compare our methods of communication in direct relationship to travel. The evolution has some fascinating parallels. What was useful then and what is now, give us all an opportunity to learn.

Will the print industry die and never be heard from again?

Not hardly. It is like everything else – evolving into a different type of artistic communication format. One that is moving more to the art and touchy-feely attraction that is far from the only method of communication of the past.

Brown Printing company, located in Waseca, Minnesota, was the third largest magazine printer and fifth largest catalog printer in the U.S. Brown was purchased by Quad/Graphics in 2014.

An article last week appeared in the Waseca County News, that accurately describes trends that are real and point to the increasing efficiency of digital communication and how in many cases it is replacing less efficient paper print.

Why is printing decreasing? The headlines in this article says it all.

“Cutbacks at Quad/Graphics brought on by changes in consumer habits, industry”
“The company now employs 488, though it had about 750 workers… position cuts and reduced hours of operation are a response to lower readership for print products which has challenged the industry.” — Waseca County News

3 Reasons to Explore Digital Advertising

Digital is here for speed, efficiency, and much lower cost!
Print may always be used in some form, but it will be less effective in today’s world.


Reason #1

In digital, you have greater flexibility to create and change (in real-time) what you would like to communicate, add graphics and aim at your target! Then, just push a button, and like magic, your customer has your personalized message instantly! Wow! Who would have ever believed that this thing called the internet would be changing the world with the speed and efficiency we now have at our fingertips.

When we speak of print, we think of cutting down trees, (a lot of them), transporting them to the paper mills using fossil fuels and rail cars, where they are processed into paper using many chemicals and processes that require much unfriendly pollution waste to be produced. Not to mention the reduction of the very forests that we need to keep our ecosystems balanced. Trees are often considered the lungs of the Earth, inhaling the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and exhaling harmless chemicals like water vapor and oxygen.


Reason #2

A safer clean environment is supported by using digital.
The reality is simple.


Reason #3

People are seamlessly moving between their mobile devices, iPads®, desktops and all other digital tools for their essential information. Easier, faster and more efficient is what digital is all about.

These are just a few of the reasons you need to learn more about digital advertising and saving time, money and increasing your profits! We can help you like we are helping so many others! Contact us today – we would enjoy a talk with you!


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