A STRONG Channel to Reach Your Audience: Digital Advertising

You have heard all the reasons why you shouldn’t use digital advertising – questionable performance, low click-through rates, ads aren’t seen, click fraud, banner blindness, to name a few but have you seriously considered the data that strongly supports why digital advertising is a key component of your advertising mix

1. People of All Ages Spend More Time Online

Watching TV, listening to a radio, or reading a newspaper used to be the primary methods people consumed news and was oftentimes the best way to get your message to the masses. Today, people are spending more time on the Internet than doing any of these older activities.

Over 73% of Americans Go Online Daily.


2. Browsing Websites and Facebook Consume People’s Time Today

You may see advertisers rush to be in the top 3 paid ad spots on Adwords or a similar position on another search engine, but don’t overlook the fact that actually using a search engine to ‘search’ is a small amount of what they do online.  For instance, people search, browse multimedia sites, read content on websites, and participate in social networking.

76% of Facebook Users Visit The Site Daily.


3. You Are Already Wasting Money!

Prospective customers may be interested in what you offer, but conversions (a purchase, sign up) happen at a very low percentage on a first time visit to a website.  Retargeting helps you drive back a large percentage of the visitors that didn’t convert and increase the chances of a conversion and a better ROI.   Retargeting is only available with display advertising.

4. Lower Costs

Compared to traditional media, the cost of digital advertising, including the creative and consulting fees, is less than the production and media costs of TV, radio or print.


More than 191 Million adults in the U.S. consume media via Smartphone.


5. You Can Control Who Sees Your Ad

Display advertising online allows you to use your data to take a rifle approach in targeting your ideal customer.  Know your customer’s demographic.  Create their persona – where are they located, how old are they, male or female, what are their interest and lifestyles.  Add in options such as frequency capping and day parting, you can take even more control on who sees your ads.

6. Communicate Your Message in More Ways

Display ads are visual.  Images, text and colors attract attention. You can make an impression that lasts in a powerful way and can be more persuasive.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words!  Your targeted audience looks for visual illustration. While search ads – which are text based – can be effective, you are limited to 2 lines and 25 characters/line to effectively brand and convert someone with your message.

7. Drive Brand or Product Awareness

How can a prospective customer search for your product if they don’t know about it?  Display ads help drive awareness.   They are shown on websites when your audience is thinking of buying so you get your offer in front of them at the right time.


Consumers make 51% of their Purchases Online.


8. A/B Testing

Advertising is an art and a science.  You have an easier method to test variables to improve your advertising – change your creative illustration/image, change your content or message, change the call-to-action, colors, or offer, to find out what is the most effective.

When you approach digital advertising with a strong plan, data to guide you, and the right content you can reach a larger and more interested audience, with a relevant message, to give you a stronger chance at converting a new customer – which ultimately gets you results.


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