Yes, You Should Be Advertising Online!

We know you don’t want to do this any more than you want SEO or to do other forms of advertising. But in today’s market, you need to be actively managing your POEM and treating your online presence as an investment.

What is POEM?

This is your online marketing INVESTMENT. Paid – Owned – Earned Media. When you understand this trifecta and how they are related and effectively work together online, you are better able to make decisions to help drive results.

So, What is Stopping You?

Did you have a bad experience with a vendor? Do you not fully understand display, search, or social advertising?
Do you not understand how to correctly use your website in the mix? If the last two questions hit home, you may say it was because ‘it didn’t work (lack of performance) or you don’t fully understand where your ads will be seen.

Let’s Talk about Digital Advertising Results

Online advertising is scrutinized much more than any traditional media ever was in the past – and yet has a potential to be measured, tested, optimized and more effective. You need to look for meaningful metrics. A number of marketers only look at CPC (cost per click) or CTR (click through rates) but these can be shallow. Ads can have high CTR, a low CPC, or both and still not drive
the results you want.

When you measure display advertising, you want to look at conversions – both view and click through. These metrics will tell you if your campaign is performing or falling behind.

Display advertising leads to higher organic search traffic. Your ad has impressions (your ad is displayed in the media inventory) and a prospective person sees your ad, but they may not click right away. However, they remember your ad and then search for your product or service when they have the need. This is known as search lift and should be taken in to account in assessing a campaign.

Working with an agency who digs deeper and interprets the appropriate metrics helps you make better advertising decisions.

IMPORTANT: Every element in your digital advertising campaign is a factor. The ads, the landing page, the targeting, the brand consistency on POEM, everything contributes to the overall performance and demands attention to get results. Monitoring and optimizing the advertising in real-time by a dedicated team is critical to get results.

What Is a Good Campaign?

One that addresses the targeted customers needs wants and desires!

Anxious About Who Sees Your Ads? Where Will the Ads Run?

Remember, you are in control of digital advertising, and you can see your ads in play. An excellent digital advertising agency will avoid low-quality media inventory (which may be displayed on low rated websites). The agency will also avoid inappropriate websites to protect your brand integrity and add the appropriate exclusions (Games, or other irrelevant networks) to
contain wasted campaign budget.

Are My Ads Really Running?

Yes, as long as you see impressions, you can rest assured your ads are being served and seen online. Although you may want to try to ‘view’ your ad, the chances are real that you might not see it online. You may not fit the targeted audience’s profile, and you don’t want to waste your campaign budget.

End Point

Your business is important, and you want results. We want to discuss your online advertising needs, the best metrics for measuring success for you, and the experience and value we offer to help you succeed. You need a partner you can trust to help guide you through the spider web of the Internet (pun intended).

We are here to help!

We work with you to execute your vision and develop strategies that can grow your business.