Case Study: Blue Hat Crane

Robust Website Launch to Attract More Customers and Increase Web Engagement

BRICK is thrilled to introduce our most current website project for BLUE HAT CRANE, a world-class independent provider of lifting equipment to construction and heavy industry.

The new website is built with consideration of Blue Hat Crane’s need for mobile responsiveness and better user flow. BRICK went beyond and delivered an innovative website with these excellent features: branded design; improved sitemap and content for SEO and user experience; and more effective features and elements to capture leads and increase calls and emails. Here is our 30-day period comparison:

  • 55% increase on average time spent per session
  • 300 more page views
  • 4x more qualifying leads 

Don’t trust our words? Amy Ferguson, Blue Hat Crane’s Senior Logistics Representative testified: 

“BRICK, Inc. has been a pleasure to work with. The team has been focused, patient, and extremely knowledgeable during the time of developing a new website for Blue Hat Crane. They took the time to learn our industry and customize the website accordingly. I was extremely impressed with the timeliness of the project and fast response time with communication. The engaging style and creative interactive set the tone for a successful website transition. I would highly recommend Brick’s services to anyone in the equipment industry.”

Your business can be next. Here is the time for you to invest in your online presence to capture a large stay-at-home audience. BRICK excels at that. Contact us today!

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