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Blue Hat Crane is a world-class independent provider of lifting equipment and hoisting solutions to different industries such as construction, energy, telecommunication, and mechanical HAVC. To reflect a large inventory and even larger pieces of equipment, we face the challenge of categorizing and prioritizing the user information flow to provide an easy and effective website.


By working closely with Blue Hat Crane, BRICK provided a user-friendly website that allows them to efficiently follow the information, identify the machine that fits their needs, and incur them to fill out the form to secure the booking.

670+ new users per month

was brought to the website

300 more pages viewed

per month

400% increase in conversion

the conversions include emails, phone calls and forms filled out

BRICK, Inc. has been a pleasure to work with. The team has been focused, patient, and extremely knowledgeable during the time of developing a new website for Blue Hat Crane. They took the time to learn our industry and customize the website accordingly. I was extremely impressed with the timeliness of the project and fast response time with communication. The engaging style and creative interactive set the tone for a successful website transition. I would highly recommend Brick’s services to anyone in the equipment industry.