Your competition is using
online media and data to drive results

Brick Media has positioned its BRX product to retailers in all competitive verticals as an answer to the digital media land grab phenomenon now taking place with large big box retailers

With a network access of more than 4000 stores,  retail transaction of nearly $30 billion dollars in the US, and millions of weekly visits to our store network and Affinity online properties, Brick Media is uniquely positioned to connect the digital world to help marketers understand what digital advertising is working and what isn’t based on the objectives of the particular campaign.  BRX mostly enables marketers to:

  • Track overall campaign conversion rate against purchases so you can see how much revenue your online advertising is driving.
  • Get deeper conversion metrics down to the placement/creative level to optimize campaigns!
  • Optimize your digital advertising investment to maximize the revenue opportunity while creating high performing and steady engagement rates.
  • Target the right customers with the right messages to drive and close the loop on online sales, thereby maximizing the digital revenue opportunity.

Brick wants buyers like you to be successful

That’s why we created BRX and why we challenge you to try Brick!