Bring Shoppers Online With Digital Advertising

Learn how grocery retailers are having great success in digital advertising in the online era.

“Overall, 81% of Americans say they go online on a daily basis. That figure includes the 28% who go online almost constantly, as well as 45% who say they go online several times a day…” – The Pew Research Center. Additionally, digital advertising is the #1 revenue in total media ad spending in the US in 2019, approximately $129 billion, and expected to grow rapidly in the next 5 years.

Digital Advertising can Provide growth Now

Drive new and returning traffic to your website and stores

Build Up Email Newsletter Subscribers

Increase Digital Circular / Coupon Usage

Promote E-commerce and Loyalty Program

Target shoppers on a store level by markets

With our ad platform being the world’s largest independent ad exchange which provides us access to over 35 billion ad views a day, we target your audience on the websites and devices they use. We also bring advanced targeting methods where retailers see great results by using store locations and/or website visitors; targeting your competitors’ stores; and targeting your audience based on domain interest, demographic, behaviors, and so on. Our team understands grocery goals and objectives. We use digital tactics to support merchandising, advertising, marketing, loyalty, e-commerce, and your overall business strategy. Our performance is goal-driven and the results are what we deliver.

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