Due to technology and the shift from traditional advertising, there is no longer the one size fits all solution to DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY.

Boost acquisition, nurture engagement, and amplify sales are what we do here at BRICK. BRICK believes in an integrated strategy. We monitor and optimize daily to find your buyers and optimize your campaigns.

As the digital landscape evolves and as technology improves, it is imperative that companies who strive to grow and differentiate themselves will need an integrated marketing plan that includes a variety of advertising tactics to reach and engage with their broad customer base.


Data is the foundation of strategy and creativity.


  • Market research
  • Consumer research
  • Web analysis
  • Online review
  • Trend research
  • Reports & Recommendations


We think deeply, strategically and creatively.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Advertising plans
  • Lead Gen plans
  • Communication plans
  • Account management
  • Progress Reports & Recommendations
  • Public Relations – Press Releases


Transforming, inspiring and results driven.


  • New/ Refresh websites
  • E-commerce
  • Digital circulars &coupons
  • Recipe & Shopping List 


  • Creative Design
  • Brand development
  • Collateral design


Like never before.


  • PinPoint Digital
  • Display Ad:Re-targeted, Targeted, Third Party Ads
  • Social Media content Management
  • Social Media Ad
  • Google Ad
  • Email/Newsletter
  • Monitor KPI’s


can be delivered to audiences based on your pre-set behavioral, categorical or geographic profiles. Once deployed, these ads can drive sales and engagement by being visible to your audience via the websites they visit most often.

allow for ongoing engagement with those who have visited your website.  Once these prospects have moved beyond your site, they will receive your relevant messages that will drive them back to your site and trigger the conversion.

can be delivered to your targeted audience using any event or business location.  Once you pinpoint the location, your ad or message can be delivered to all attendees and customers who have a mobile device.

enables you to target your prospects by keywords as their Search the internet – –  making this a valuable tool that is driven by your customers’ pre-established intent.

are important to the overall reach of your campaign by including re-targeting, News Feed and sidebar ads to supplement your social media posts and digital campaign.

will increase overall engagement through targeted Pre-Roll videos on their favorite sites.  Grab their attention by providing your brand message or informative video that drives insights and trust.

allows companies to reach their audience everyday through the radio and online music sites they love.  By supplementing your campaign with Audio Ads, your customer will have the one-to-one connection with your brand.

can help you directly communicate with your customer base on their favorite mobile device.  With Text Ads you can increase the read rate of a text message as well as emails and social media posts.

allows you to meet the needs of your shoppers who love your store and your deals.  Studies indicate that shoppers expect to find your ad and your coupons on your site – and your emails.