Case Study: Sterling Wire & Cable’s New Brand Identity and Online Experience


Sterling Wire and Cable of Minneapolis is a full-service, value-added stocking distributor of wire, cable, insulation materials, and wire management products. Their extensive inventory helps to support a broad range of customers including electronic original equipment manufacturers, military and aerospace contractors, medical equipment manufacturers, wiring harness assembly companies, and commercial low voltage systems installers. Their specialized services include color customization, color dyeing, spiral stripping, twisting, and many more. 

Sterling Wire and Cable partners with BRICK, Inc. to create a new brand identity to strengthen their footprint and competitiveness in the market. Additionally, Sterling Wire and Cable wants BRICK, Inc. to build a brand new website that allows their existing and new customers to browse their inventory online, get a shipping estimate, place an order online, and contact a customer service agent for related questions. 

BRICK’s Solutions


BRICK conducted thorough market research as well as competitor research to come up with the concepts for the new logo. Preserving the essence of the legacy logo was important to keep similarity appeal to Sterling Wire and Cable’s existing client base. Working closely with Sterling Wire and Cable, BRICK went through a couple of rounds of revisions and finalized the logo to reflect the modern, enhanced, global brand that Sterling Wire and Cable is. 

We also repeated the same process for the website development to come up with the most effective sitemap and user experience. We then layered in advanced features such as product filter (by brand, by color, by type, by categories), dynamic search bar, user profile, wish list, request a quote, live chat function, lead gen form, and so on. Our goal is to provide users with the best architecture and functions to gather the information and place an order online/through a customer service agent. Additionally, we built out a quick self-serve portal for 3M products which is one of Sterling Wire and Cable’s initiatives. The portal performs so well that 3M considers using our model for their other global vendors. After 2 weeks of launch, the site shows a 200% increase in pageviews and an 11.03% decrease in bounce rate.