Studio Management Made Easy

Website Design | Digital Advertising

Increased phone calls

to inquire about their product

Over 500 unique new users

to their website each month

Over 50,000 impressions

of their ads served each month

Compudance is a New Jersey-based company that provides management software tools to studio businesses. Having extensive experience in the dance studio business, they knew first-hand how busy dance studio owners are with managing teacher and studio schedules, communicating with students and their families, handling accounting, and organizing all the information for students and staff. Their software product was created to help owners buy back some of that office time so that they can focus on the important stuff, dancing and teaching.

Compudance did not have digital advertising in place prior to joining our BRICK team and knowing how busy studio owners are, they wanted a way to get in front of their target market with their brand and build that brand awareness across the dance studio industry.

  • A beautiful refresh of the Compudance website and logo to enhance the user experience and really highlight what their software could do while maintaining their dance studio industry feel.
  • Creation of numerous banner ads that matched with their new website and logo to keep their brand consistent across the web.
  • Targeted placements on display networks and social media platforms to get these branded ads in front of the right audience of dance studio owners.
  • Increased presence in search results with Compudance-branded text ads to be in front of users that are actively seeking studio management software.