Digital Advertising


Brick Retail Exchange (BRX) offers a complete buying and selling experience for retailers and brands to target their shoppers and create unique data collection touch points with shopper communication pathways for retailers and brands. BRX aims to empower consumers by organizing data and digital media from shoppers, retailers, and brands.


Brick Retail Exchange is a complete solution for online advertising exchange designed for brick and mortar retailers who aim to drive foot and web traffic to their storefronts

BRX vertical ad exchange is built for the brick and mortar industry. In an effort to make digital media simple for retailers, BRX answers with simple solutions for complex marketing and merchandising efforts.

BRX leverages big data, historical shopping activities, digital media usage, in-store behavior, user preferences to identify in-market behavior and buying patterns to most efficiently target time to buy with buying interest to create a compelling value for all brick and mortar retail marketing and merchandising programs.

The results for BRX users is full media transparency, maximize revenue and ad spend, find new sources of demand for your market, quality advertising control, and more.

Custom Ad Exchange for Retailers

Brick Retail Exchange is a custom ad exchange for retailers
to use their data to find customers and offers
simple transparent brand sponsorship

Buy Media

BRX empowers brick and mortar retailers to use market and merchandising data to target trade areas with digital messaging that drives foot and web traffic to your store.

Sell Media

BRX is an end to end advertising exchange for retailers and manufacturers to work together on digital media programs. If you are a retailer who wants to offer your vendors, brands, DSD’s, etc.

Audience Data

BRX builds online audience data segments and targeting. This can be used with offline data, big data, and other data sets you may have to assist in sending the right message to the right user.

Audience extension with BRX. Match and model your audience into the global internet and create look-a-like models and precision targeting opportunities.

Web Services

Shopping Platform

Driven by an easy to use Content Management System (CMS)

Circular Conversion

Circulars integrated with shopping lists, UPC, Available Varieties, and Recipe Suggestions

Content Delivery Network

Delivering Product Images and Descriptions for your Stores Inventory.


Custom, Automated, and Easy to Use Email Solutions.

Designed Just for You

Brick Retail Exchange is designed for brands to drive foot and web traffic to stores that sell your products

Buy Media

BRX is a marketing/shopper marketing solution that makes it really simple for the largest brands and agencies to leverage our brick and mortar partner digital touch points and optimize their advertising by messaging only into the channels that produce high engagement and ROI.

Target Audiences

Let us help you find “In Market” shoppers in all Brick and Mortar industries (Grocery, DIY, Drug, C-Store etc)  BRX gives marketers “inside access” to down the funnel shoppers using Retail Media, Blog Networks, Re-Messaging and Data Driven In Market Digital Tendency Modeling.

Custom Audiences

Use the BRX  1st Party data layer building technology to ensure your current campaign and future campaigns greater engagement and ROI efficiencies. By using our Retail Media access the Tendency Modeling technology employed by BRX is the only technology designed to identify the “In Market” digital behaviors (Search, Contextual and Navigational) of product buyers and message to only those behaviors within the chosen geography or trade area of the chosen retailers.

Private Exchange

BRX includes private media placed on Retail Media and a Affinity Network Partners (Coupon, DIY, Gardening, Cooking, Medicine, Recipe, Mommy Blog etc) that will only be available through BRX. This private inventory gives BRX a unique vertical specific separation from other Exchanges.

Brick wants buyers like you to be successful

That’s why we created BRX and why we challenge you to try Brick!