Custom Audience

Find the best shoppers using custom audience segments

Customize Data for your Target Market

Use the BRX 1st Party data layer building technology to ensure your current campaign and future campaigns greater engagement and ROI efficiency. By using our Retail Media access the Tendency Modeling technology employed by BRX is the only technology designed to identify the “In Market” digital behaviors (Search, Contextual and Navigational) of product buyers and message to only those behaviors within the chosen geography or trade area of the chosen retailers.

Eliminate Media Waste and Target the Best Shoppers

BRX will deliver and defend loyal buyers of your products while optimizing based on merchandising programs nationally, regionally, or locally based on store availability. Activate shoppers who are interested in competitive products and reinforce purchases from specific categories within retail stores. Activate shoppers based on historical and competitive purchases.

Brick wants buyers like you to be successful

That’s why we created BRX and why we challenge you to try Brick!