Target Audience

BRX creates actionable data segments
for product specific marketing efforts

In Market Shoppers

Let us help you find “In Market” shoppers in all Brick and Mortar industries (Grocery, DIY, Drug, C-Store etc)  BRX gives marketers “inside access” to down the funnel shoppers using Retail Media, Blog Networks, Re-Messaging and Data Driven In Market Digital Tendency Modeling.

Specific Product Interest Based on Intent

BRX brings you the ability to target shoppers based on online interaction. Simply describe your brands objectives and BRX will match your online spend with In Market Audiences that are interested in your brands products. Amplify your efforts with existing buyers of your products and buyers who purchase competitive products. Influence shoppers when they are In Market.

Specific Product Interest Based on Intent

Real Interest Based on Interaction and Behavior

BRX integrates online interaction, offline purchases, and big data segments that enhance the impact of your advertising efforts. Use real data to precisely target branding and direct response campaigns that result in foot and web traffic. The unique difference of BRX is in its brick and mortar intelligence that powers all online media efforts.

Brick wants buyers like you to be successful

That’s why we created BRX and why we challenge you to try Brick!