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BRX is designed to promote your brand, products, specials with precise targeting and automation for your stores

Online Advertising That Works for Retail

The world of online advertising is complex and fragmented. At Brick we make online advertising work for you. With access to 97% of the Internet advertising inventory, we make sure that your message is put in front of the right shopper at the right time. We specialize in brick and mortar to accomplish success metrics that work for your business. If you have 1000 stores or 10 we can help execute programs that deliver success.

The Current State of the Digital Industry for Retail

Brick Media has positioned its BRX product to all of our retailer partners as an answer to the digital media land grab phenomenon now taking place with large big box retailers. As Big Box retailers digital marketing budgets grow and they make gigantic strides to capture the 100’s of millions of ever growing manufacturer digital marketing dollars it has become painfully obvious to others that this marketing channel is impacting sales. This impact has been a real negative and large concern for most of our nation’s retailers who have been focused on traditional marketing methods.

Additionally, Brick Media is expert in the monetization of your current Retail Media audience while bringing innovation to unlock the key to what most retailers feel as a limited size and valuable audience.  Talk to us about:

  • How we use your digital audience Data to get new shoppers into your store.
  • Helping you understand why manufacturers are interested in using their dollars to drive foot and web traffic into your store.
  • Creating digital marketing efficiencies by creating your very own First Party Data layer in the ever growing Programmatic (Exchange) real time bidding arena.

Brick wants buyers like you to be successful

That’s why we created BRX and why we challenge you to try Brick!