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Over 250,000 impressions

of their ads served each month

Over 2,500

of their ads each month

Over 1,500 new unique visitors

to their website each month

EJGlamos is an online business based in Minnesota specializing in lawn and garden products. Named for his two young sons, Paul Glamos has created an online store-front that operates with family values in mind. He has many vendor relations that have inventory in his online store. As the business grows and adds more variety of inventory, EJGlamos will continue to gain a larger web presence with digital advertising.

EJGlamos started from square one and needed a website and logo. Once the online store-front was completed, working on building brand awareness and increasing traffic to their site became their primary goals.

  • Creation of a logo that incorporated the family crest to give it a personal feel for the family to be proud of for years to come.
  • Creation of a clean website to showcase inventory that is easily manageable for the owner.
  • Creation of numerous banner ads that matched with their new website and logo to keep their brand consistent across the web.
  • Targeted placements on display networks and social media platforms to get these branded ads in front of the right audience of users looking for lawn and garden products.