Equipment unseen goes unsold.

More views, more sales.

Brick will help sell equipment using the strategy to Intercept, Engage, Educate and Offer. Intercept will grab their attention and address a key challenge the lead will see. Engage will quickly address their needs. Educate will support your brand and message directly to your buyer. The offer is the call to action which will bring the lead directly to you!


We find your prospect and deliver relevant messages directly to them.


Imagine more qualified leads every month that you can sell to and create lifelong customers!


This is how we help equipment dealers generate more sales:
1) Build Awareness – Our display, search and social ads deliver a great image and message of your brand and potential to customers. Increase your company awareness to drive sales goals.

2) Create Intent and Interest – Our combination of using all available online advertising including display, search and social will reach your customers who are ready to buy. You begin to appear right in front of your audience so you can expect more inbound inquiries from the right people.

3) Conversion – With new traffic coming from Brick Ads, our landing page along with your website will drive new customers right to your sales team so you can create new relationships and sell!

4) Purchase & Retention: From displaying your inventory in the most attractive way of highlighting your business, Brick makes sure you get the most conversions from online advertising. We deliver retargeting to reinforce the efforts and provide effective measurement so you know what’s working and how to optimize the efforts.


You create the offers and Brick continues to promote to the right customers by using the most effective advertising targeting available today.

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