Introducing the Shopify platform – An effective E-commerce solution for all your needs


Welcome back, enthusiastic digital readers. If you recall our 10 Things to Know About Building An Effective Website blog post, we mentioned that a good E-commerce site should provide the audience with the best way to look for certain products, filtering out by categories, price, brand, usage, as well as a quick and reliable checkout process. Overall, it needs to cater to the audience’s decision making and his or her online purchasing process. Today, we will give you an overview of Shopify and why the platform is the best E-commerce solution.

Your brand, your way

Shopify provides 70+ customizable, responsive themes to help you reflect your brand image to a level you can only imagine. The platform’s drag-and-drop page builder allows a person who doesn’t know about website coding to design the store the way he or she wants it. 

Building an E-commerce site has never been easier

There are many things you have to consider when building an E-commerce store: inventory management, shipping cost calculation, orders notification and fulfillment, merchant account center, and taxes, just to name a few. Shopify is a life-saver when it comes to helping you with important factors. From products bulk-import and order syncing capability to the payment providers, automatic tax calculation, and third-party carrier shipping calculation, the platform streamlines the process to help you stay organized and ready to sell your products.

Smart solutions to bring your shopper’s online experience to the next level

On the front-end, Shopify features an easy way for the shoppers to search for a product or navigate to the collection based on brand, usage, industry, color, and other product characteristics. Additionally, Shopify’s open-source app market allows a fast and innovative solution for every challenge you face. Recently, one of our clients has asked BRICK to create a private portal for their dealers with a different tier of pricing. Using a combination of 4 different apps, BRICK creates a private collection that only users who are classified as a dealer can have access to. We hid the collection under the search bar as well as the site navigation. Overall, we provided a smooth and easy way for the dealers to access the special pricing while still leveraging Shopify’s robust E-commerce system.

Analyze your sales funnel and improve your marketing

With Shopify Analytics, you can gain all the insights you need to grow, from the type of web traffic to the most popular/most viewed items and conversions. Shopify also provides effective marketing solutions such as an automatic email for abandoned cart, flash sales promotion banner, integration to Salesforce, and many more.

Go beyond Shopify and integrate your store to other outlets

Lastly, Shopify has many features to connect its sales channel into your brand’s other outlets. You can display your products and sell them via Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, point-of-sale systems, and Google Shopping.

In conclusion, Shopify is an all-in-one platform that helps you sell products online, scale up your store, and grow your business. If you still have questions about the platform or you’re ready to start your online store, contact BRICK today and we can help you grow your business.