Advertising and Strategy

Advertising and Strategy

Without measuring results, it’s hard to keep up with your client’s ever-changing needs!

Digital Marketing should be a part of any overall Marketing Strategy.  This will include a clean and concise website, SEO, e-mail, retargeting and Google Adwords.  This along with traditional advertising (print, TV) will assure you have complete coverage of your marketing area.  Digital marketing has a lot more involvement and adjustability than print because you don’t want to “print it and forget it” like a print ad, you want to be more precise and have the ability to “change on the fly”.

BRICK uses the digital resources that best fit your goals and provide analytical reporting to see what is working the best.  If you aren’t measuring your efforts, you aren’t able to find out what to really spend those dollars on.  This brings us to the best part of a digital marketing aspect which is that it can be adjusted mid-campaign to optimize your advertising dollar.  Doing this assures your advertising dollars can stay focused on your customers and their ever-changing needs.


A brand is the identity of your company and making sure that brand message is consistent will assure that you company is memorable and easily identifiable to customers.

BRICK can provide a consistent message across digital platforms that will assure the consistency of your branding efforts.  With reports we are able to show how well the individual  parts of you branding campaigns are performing so we can optimize your branding dollars.

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Web Development,
Design and Hosting

BRICK can meet your company’s website needs at any level.  We can build you a basic site to get you started (we also have training so you can manage it if you would like) or we can build a custom site which could include complex databases, e-commerce, inventory listings, e-mail platform, etc.  We also help with the back end structures (URL, H1s, H2s, meta and alt tags, descriptions, etc.) to help the search engines look for it in the highest ranking websites.  Why have the great new website if your customers can’t get there.

We can also host your website at any budget with one of our 5 options. Read our hosting guide here.


BRICK is capable of fulfilling all your design needs. We are experts in digital design for landing pages, banner ads, social media graphics and sale presentations that can boost your brand presence in today’s digital world.  Our creative team produces exceptional print collateral for brochures, catalogs, postcards, sales sheets, etc. We are also able to help with large scale graphics which include billboards, banners, signage and backdrops to complete your need for everything creative.

Understanding your brand vision, BRICK is committed to create impactful design that can deliver the powerful message to your customers and enhance their experience.

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Here at BRICK we mix hard work, creative thinking and the latest technology, so we can bring your message to life. We take the elements of a great video (idea, script, storyboard) and bringing them to life.  We help tell your story with 2D or 3D animation and motion graphics.  This will quickly engage your customers and get them to listen to your message, making sure you are top of mind to them.  With video options from digital advertising preroll to full company promotions we are able to provide the polish that will shine in your customers eyes.

Enterprise Technology

We deliver solutions to of all shapes and sizes for grocery stores and retailers.  Our developers are skilled in .NET, JAVA, C#, IOS, Android and PHP.  Out of the box software can only take you so far. BRICK is here to fill that gap between that generic software and your goals of scheduling, e-commerce, database administration, etc.  We help businesses fully integrate their internal systems so they connect to people, data, applications and business partners around the world.

Enterprise Technology