Whether it is your website, a completed project, special events or staff photos, having good, professional photography is a must to project the right image to your customers.

Brick also includes professional photography as part of the complete marketing package to create an image for your business that will stand apart from your competitors as we just happen to have two excellent photographers on staff!

Brick photography

Megan McCluskey has a fantastic background and experience with over 26 years in publishing and advertising. She is also a talented graphic designer. Megan is excellent when it comes to helping you establish your business’ identity and your brand’s look and feel.

Albin Andolshek and Team delivers stunning photos for every need…from creating an emotion to portraying a business’ work to professional boardroom photos…she brings the whole package. Together with her experience and knowledge in SEO and analytics, Brick is able to tie everything together to make sure all of your marketing plans get satisfactory results.