Placing Ads Through The Google Ads Network: What You Need to Know?

Reportedly, there were 21.54 billion US dollars in advertising revenue from the Google Network in 2019 in the US. The term “Google (Ads) Network” is often mistaken for Google SEARCH Network where the ad shows up in the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs). However, Google Ads has Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, and YouTube Ads all under the Google Ads Network umbrella. BRICK is here to help you learn more about Google Search as we seek help from our Digital Media Specialist, Anna, who works closely with Google Search campaigns.

BRICK: Hi Anna, thanks so much for helping us out today. First off, what is your opinion about the Google Network?

Anna:  Google’s Ad Network is a leading ad network in today’s world. Google Ads, together with Facebook Ad Network account for 70% of the ads you see online. As someone who places and monitors our clients’ ads in the Google Ads Search Network every day, I am impressed by the many solutions that the platform offers to help businesses grow. 

BRICK: right on! Now, can you walk us through the difference between the Google Search and Google Display Network?

Anna: : yes. Google Ads Network is divided into four main segments: Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, and YouTube. By definition, Google Ads Search Network provides ads that are shown in the Google search results pagesand search sites that partner with Google to show ads. On the other hand, Google Ads Display Network provides ads that are shown on Google sites like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail, plus thousands of partnering websites across the Internet. To simplify, I like to think of Google Ads Search Network as pull marketing in which the audience intentionally looks for the info, and Google Ads Display Network as push marketing in which the ads are pushed to the audience who is performing a different task rather than actively searching for the info. Google Shopping is just like a marketplace for your product sales where your products will appear with others that you compete with. When people conduct searches under the Google Shopping tab, it’s there that your paid Google Shopping ads would appear. YouTube advertising is for video advertising.

BRICK: I like your definition of the different features and it makes sense. What can you tell us about the Google Ads Search Network?

Anna: The simple way to understand Google Ads Search Network is that it starts when a user types into the Google search box the word or phrase they want to know about. As an ad guru, I call these keywords or keyphrases. Next, based on how the campaign is set up, the ad will show on top (before the unpaid/organic portion of the results page) of the search results page. The goal of the search ads is to target the people with a high intention of buying/looking for the info to drive more website visits, get more phone calls, increase store visits, and increase product sales. One of our goals at BRICK is to aim to show your ads at the top of the page and to maximize the size of your text ads to take up as much page real estate as we can. 

BRICK: wow, this is very helpful info. Thanks, Anna. Now, what can you tell us about the Google Ads Display Network?

Anna: yes, in contrast to the Google Ads Search Network, the ad (usually a static image or video) in Google Ads Display Network is delivered to users when they watch videos on Youtube, reading through their emails, and other activities on Google websites and its partners. However, at BRICK, we utilize the AT&T/Xandr Display Network which contains the Google Display Network and many other publishers. Our network is the world’s largest independent ad exchange which provides us access to over 35 billion ad views a day. We can give a more in-depth overview of our display network on a later day.

BRICK: definitely, I don’t want to take up so much of your time. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. I will let you get back to work with helping our clients with their Google Ads. 

Anna: you’re welcome. Glad I can help!

Now you have it, everyone. This is some basic info on Google Ads Network and what it offers. If you still have more questions or need help with starting your ad campaign to grow your business, feel free to contact us.