TV, CTV, and OTT, Oh My!

If you get confused with all the acronyms in the digital age, and digital advertising specifically, you are not alone. As digital experts who work with digital advertising on a daily basis, our team always learns new things. We are happy to share our knowledge with you! Today, we will go over Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV).OTT stands for Over The Top which is the content type that is served to viewers over the traditional closed TV programming. The OTT content type can be divided into live-streaming video and video on demand. The content is then run through an authentication outlet such as an OTT subscription site/app (yes, Hulu) or network site/app (ABC app). Users can stream OTT without a cable or satellite company, normally through the internet on desktop, mobile, or through Connected TV. Simply put, OTT is the content type, CTV is the device. 

Now that we’re a little more comfortable with the term, let’s find out why advertisers start positioning OTT as the key player in their digital advertising campaigns. OTT can tap into the world’s leading destinations for quality, efficient, transparent, and brand-safe programmatic advertising. As a partner with Xandr, one of the world’s largest programmatic marketplaces, BRICK can potentially tap into access to over 35 billion impressions a day from more than 1,400 global publishers. Xandr has approximately 1.8 trillion video ad requests per month and 140 million CTV ad requests per month. It helps us to be more efficient and effective in delivering the ads to our client’s potential clients. Some of the major publishers include Hulu, ESPN, Fubo TV, Verizon Media, Google Ad Exchange, ABC app, Fox News app, and CNN app. We’re sure you recognize at least a couple of those names. 

Overall, OTT is another tool in our toolbox to help our clients’ digital advertising strategy to reach the best results and grow their business. Still have more questions or need help with your digital campaign. Contact us today and we are happy to help.