What makes a great logo design?

Logo, oftentimes, is the heart of the business. A great logo design helps the brand captivate and retain audiences’ attention and increase the likelihood of brand awareness and loyalty. Don’t believe us, here are the statistics*:

89% of marketers say that brand awareness is their top business objective.

There will be 5-7 brand interactions before people remember a brand.

59% of consumers prefer buying new products from brands that they already know.

Brand loyalty is worth 10X more than a single purchase.

BRICK here to break down the top questions your business should consider when creating the logo:

  1. Is it clear and relevant?
     Logo, after all, presents your business/organization and what you are selling/standing for. Having a clear message through the logo mark, brand name, color and font choices, and tagline are key to a successful logo.
  2. Is it unique and memorable?
    Nothing worse than having your brand identity lost in the sea of all the brands existing today which include your competitors. You want to stick with your brand vision, mission and personality to craft a logo design that is authentic and unique. Consumers are drawn more to a brand that carries a great story, and you want to be able to tell that story through your logo.
  3. Is it versatile and scalable?
    A good rule of thumb for your logo is that it needs to look good and carry the brand essence in all sizes, in different materials, and on all surfaces. Does text get cut off or lost in the size of a social media profile picture? How does it look on the signage of the building? Can it be transferred to a monotone version printed on a black t-shirt?
  4. Does it provoke emotion?
    Lastly, your logo should be able to connect with your audience to increase brand awareness and loyalty. You need to put yourself into the customer’s shoes and think from their perspective, to see what perception and emotion they have when they see the logo. Can they trust your brand by just looking at the logo? 

Your logo is the key element to your brand identity. Establishing a powerful logo by following the questions above allows you to magnify the brand identity and experience. Have more questions or need to create a new brand identity? Contact us to learn more.

* Source: Finances Online, 61 Logo Statistics You Can’t Ignore: 2020 Data Analysis & Market Share