Websites That Capture Your Brand & Convert New Customers
  • Sales-focused design & experience
  • E-commerce capabilites
  • Custom solution


Get More Leads from Less Dollars with Digital Advertising
  • Tried-and-true targeting techniques
  • Ad creative that makes people click
  • Transparent – monitor the success in real-time


Websites That Capture Your Brand & Convert New Customers
  • Sales-focused design & experience
  • E-commerce capabilites
  • Custom solution


Get More Leads from Less Dollars with Digital Advertising
  • Tried-and-true targeting techniques
  • Ad creative that makes people click
  • Transparent – monitor the success in real-time


Engage Your Customers with Scroll-Stopping Brand Appeal

  • Brand essence from sketch to final
  • Data-driven concepts & completion
  • Stand out and become irresitable



Engage Your Customers with Scroll-Stopping Brand Appeal

  • Tried-and-true targeting techniques
  • Ad creative that makes people click
  • Transparent – monitor the success in real-time





Capture Your Brand & Convert New Customers

Sales-Focused Design That Creates Customers

Is your website customer-friendly?

You’d be surprised to find out that the last person most companies consider during web design is the buyer. That’s why it’s BRICK’s priority.

We start web development with your customer in the front seat. Streamlining the journey to purchase or wherever they need to be.

Supercharge Your E-Commerce Capabilities

It’s time to get your store online. E-commerce has boomed in the past few years.

Plus, your clients want to know what products you have available, evaluate their options, and potentially make a purchase.

Our team is adept at mobilizing and refining online storefronts for brick-and-mortar businesses.

If you’re looking for way to get your products online quickly and maintain them with ease – you’ve come to the right place.

Achieve Key Goals with Our Tech Team & Third-Party Network

Looking for a custom solution to standout from the competition? We can help!

Design your website to help all your customers’ needs.

At BRICK, we offer a network of third-party vendors and technology partners that are ready to support your organization’s infrastructure.

Our tech team can handle any request— from creating secure centers for distributors or buyers, to integrating essential applications.

Bring your business into the digital age with us.

Your Website Can Sell For You


  • New Website Development
  • Website Updates
  • E-commerce Implementation
  • Sandhills API Integrations
  • Landing Page Development
  • Analytics & Data Tracking Implementation
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Custom Website Features & Applications



Q: What are some of the pages my website should have?

A: This will vary depending on your business needs, however, here are a few pages to consider: a homepage, blog, online shop, contact information, landing pages, and partnerships.


Q: What should I consider when starting an e-commerce store?

A: It is important to ensure your website is optimized for high page speeds. This significantly influences user experience, visibility, and of course, conversions. Also consider high quality product photos, descriptions, and integrating your store with Google Shopping and Google My Business.


Q: What is a landing page and why do I need them?

A: A landing page is a web page created specifically for an advertising or marketing campaigns. It contains certain copy around a product or service that is structured in a sales capacity. You’ll want to use a landing page, especially with digital advertising campaigns on search and social media.

digital advertising


Get More Leads from Less Dollars with Digital

Tried-&-True Digital Targeting Techniques

Most agencies offer catch-all campaigns that cost you more money for barely any return. Targeting is what maximizes your ad spend.

That’s why strategy and technique – how we deploy high-performing ad systems – always ensure the most comes from your investment.

Our paid media experts create campaigns that are relevant to your prospects and their buyers’ journey.

So that every ad served is set up for maximum impact.

Ad Creative That Makes People Click

Are you standing out in the sea of ads are everywhere?

Ad creative can make or break any campaign. We hacked the process so you can turn heads every time.

Made with the best people, technology, and creativity.

100% Transparency – Always Know Your Success

When you sign on for BRICK’s digital advertising, we provide you with monthly ad reports. You get access to the same data our experts use to refine your campaigns.

The monthly ad reports give you full visibility— from a high level and with laser-focused precision— into our performance tracking.

Transparent ad reports ensure that we are accountable for your success, and that both of us have a shared understanding of campaign optimizations.

Fast Results. High Impact.


  • Google Search Ad
  • Banner Ad
    • Xandr Display
    • Facebook & Instagram
  • Audio Ad
    • Radio
    • Pre-roll
  • Video Ad
    • Pre-roll
    • Connected TV (CTV)
    • YouTube Bumper Ad
  • Reporting
    • Real-time Customized MKT Dashboard
    • Geographic Information Systems



Q: Why should I choose paid media over organic marketing?

A: If you’re looking for quicker results and more data on your target audience, paid media is the way to go. Organic marketing usually takes a few months to a year to see impact, whereas digital ads give you results right away.


Q: I’m already paying for a marketing agency. Now, I have to pay for ads too?

A: You’re investing in experts that leverage paid media most effectively. Remember, running ads without strategy can result in significant losses. You want a team behind you that maximizes your spend and creates business impact.


Q: What types of digital targeting methods does BRICK use for paid media?

A: Our team incorporates a mix of audience-building, geo-targeting, remarketing and additional in-house strategies based on your business needs. Our solutions are custom-tailored to where we can capture and convert the most prospects.



Engage Your Customers with Scroll-Stopping Brand Appeal

Stand out and become irresitable

Creative is what makes people remember. It always comes down to the words they read or the graphics they see.

Investing in creative is akin to giving your brand the hutzpah it needs to create more than just followers – a lifelong audience of dedicated fans.

Data-driven creatives

BRICK takes a data-driven, research-first approach to focus on your creative.

Our method differs from just recycling design trends you’ll see at other agencies. We listen closely to your business and define what best for your goals.

We won’t be creative just for the sake of it. We want to deliver impact. We produce what you customers respond to — and take it one step further.

User-centric approach with your brand in mind from sketch to final

Our team will go through the discovery process with you.

Either you have a brand guidelines or need one, we put your business and your audience in the center of everything we do.

We are experts at delivering concepts, getting honest reviews, rallying, and elevating the design and usage. Then, we do it all over again until you love what we put out. And we are proud of our work.

Impactful creatives. last a lifetime.


  • Brand development
    • Logo Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Style Guide
    • Brand Application
  • Print Ad / Newspaper
  • Brochure / Flyer
  • Out-of-home Ad Creative
    • Vehicle wrap
    • Bus Station
    • Billboard
  • Audio Ad Production
  • Video Commercial Production / Editing



Q: Why should I care about my brand?

A: Many customers will inspect your company branding before deciding to but from you. Great branding is one the many factors that buyers consider when choosing to buy somewhere. Fragmented brand identities can even result in loss of sales, customers, and revenue.


Q: How does creative development apply to ads?

A: Creative development applies to a few processes that concern ads: writing and designing the advertisement, the landing page, and additional content types (video, lead-magnets, etc.). It is necessary at every step.


Q: What’s the first thing I should consider when it comes to creative development?

A: Your company values – the underlying “why” as to your purpose in the industry you’ve part of. Is it to help people, innovate technology, something else? You’ll want your brand to reflect that.

custom services

Digital Insights and Solutions That Fits Your Goals

Actionable Insights for Growing All Verticals

Whether you’re looking to identify competitor weaknesses, new marketing opportunities, or untapped customers in your region, use BRICK’s business intel to help grow your business.

Take advantage of GIS by BRICK! Our platform compiles data from cellphone signals into insights on customer location, demographics, and regionally-specific activity— an essential tool for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Web Applications, Plugins & More

Our team is experienced in mobilizing technology for grocers, equipment dealers, retailers, and non-profit industries. If you need a heavy-duty solution to support your operation— BRICK can handle it. .

Do you have a RFP for complicating web/app work, or an extensive data research& strategy? We are here to solve all the puzzles and help you achieve your goal.

We give you what you need. And a bit more.


  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Development
  • Proprietary Digital Coupon, Circular, Shopping List
  • Proprietary Donation Platform
  • Proprietary Email Marketing Platform
  • Market + Consumer Research
  • Communication/PR and Engagement Plan
  • Go-to-market Strategy


Q: How does BRICK collect data? A: We collect data using a series of first, second, and third-party technologies, as well as surveys and other services for recording consumer responses. We collect data in accordance with all national compliance guidelines and ensure the information you receive is obtained ethically. Q: How can I use the business intelligence I purchase? A: Business intel is used by companies for understanding their market, consumers, and identifying opportunities for growth. We always present our findings in an actionable way that answers key questions you’re looking to know more about. With over 30 years of experience of data technology, BRICK is trusted from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses. Q: What is the process for developing technology? A: We identify all use cases associated with the requested technology, outline their requirements for the platform, wireframe or begin building the first platform, test and debug, and then launch!