THE ROADMAP TO DIGITAL ADVERTISING: BUSINESS MASTERCLASS The Triple A’s of Advertising Digital advertising has boomed in the past few years – specifically to the tune of $389-billion in global ad spend.  It’s because people are largely online. Adults spend 8 hours per day on phones on computers. This is where digital ads come into play.  Did you know mobile ads drove 162-billion phone calls in 2019?  Or that revenue from ads increased 162% throughout the pandemic?   Simply stated – they are

  Equipment dealers like you could be missing out ­– on what? Gaining new leads and customers through digital marketing. While there are plenty of solutions for businesses of all kinds, BRICK decided to break down the four essential strategies every equipment dealer needs for converting more leads online. Whether you’re learning how to market equipment or need a different perspective on the job, keep reading to find out these tools and how to maximize

7 motivational drivers in advertising

Have you ever come across an outstanding commercial that makes you immediately want to buy? Want to know more about how marketers tap into the science behind motivation? In her book How To Get People to Do Stuff, Susan Weinschenk explains seven fundamental human motivation drivers. Keep reading for BRICK’s summary of the seven motivational drivers in advertising with a few examples of how it all works. Table of Contents The Need to BelongHabitThe Power

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and saw an ad for a company whose Facebook page you just visited? Have you noticed that ad now follows you to your Facebook stories, articles you click on, and even Instagram? Many companies use Facebook Ads to reach out to their potential customers. However, there is one method that streamlines ad spend while guaranteeing better results: retargeting. Here’s BRICK’s beginner walkthrough of retargeting ads on Facebook.

Table of Contents Digital RetargetingOptimizing Retargeting with Intent DataLocation Based Digital Targeting Mobile Apps & LBACustomer Segmentation & Digital Targeting StrategyGoal-based Segmentation We’re living in the fast-paced online era. Have you considered the power of digital targeting? It’s an age-old marketing and advertising concept that uses customer data from online networks. Of course, this discipline is changing alongside the ever-shifting online advertising landscape. How exactly? Here is BRICK‘s focus on digital targeting, data, and how

Overview Sterling Wire and Cable of Minneapolis is a full-service, value-added stocking distributor of wire, cable, insulation materials, and wire management products. Their extensive inventory helps to support a broad range of customers including electronic original equipment manufacturers, military and aerospace contractors, medical equipment manufacturers, wiring harness assembly companies, and commercial low voltage systems installers. Their specialized services include color customization, color dyeing, spiral stripping, twisting, and many more.  Sterling Wire and Cable partners with

Welcome back, readers! Have you ever wondered how, when you search for a specific company or product on Google, some of them show an additional tab displaying the business details (address, phone number, website, etc.) and some don’t? That is because these companies have configured the setting in Google My Business to enhance the brand and ranking on Google Search. Today, BRICK will give you some basic info on Google My Business and how to

If you get confused with all the acronyms in the digital age, and digital advertising specifically, you are not alone. As digital experts who work with digital advertising on a daily basis, our team always learns new things. We are happy to share our knowledge with you! Today, we will go over Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV).OTT stands for Over The Top which is the content type that is served to viewers over the

One of the most important aspects of digital advertising is the ability to measure the significant metrics of your campaign and analyze your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). With technology, we add an Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) to the ad that we deliver. UTM helps to generate Google Analytics data for your digital campaigns. Simply put, when you see an ad and click on, your device is then tagged with a cookie that will travel with

Online advertising has some of the most impressive scientific and technological advancements in human history. Yet, businesses and individuals alike still have no idea how to simplify the thinking around this complex ecosystem. For those of us who know that online advertising cannot just be broken down into 4 core tenets, please bear with us as we try to inject some simplicity and art form into this very scientific activity. It was not long ago