In case you didn’t notice, the digital world is all around us!

There are nearly 290 million people on the internet in the United States. 290 million online customers whom you can leverage digital marketing to increase sales. “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all things related to marketing in the digital space. It is the process of getting their attention, having them get familiar with your brand, testing out what you have to offer, and keeping them as loyal customers.

Now that you know how to walk the walk, are you ready to talk the talk?

Digital marketing terms are tricky sometimes. Are you ready to put your digital marketing lingo to the test! Can you match up the terms below? If not, don’t worry! We’ve made a Digital Marketing Glossary with everything you need to know. Download it right to your desktop so you always have it on handy!


  1. Impression
  2. Session
  3. Keyword
  4. Categorical Targeting
  5. Paid Traffic
A. Visitors brought to your site from digital advertising

B. When your ad is shown to someone on the web

C. A visit to your website

D. Targeting your potential digital customer by words that are relevant to them

E.Targeting your potential digital customer by observable characteristics

Answers: 1.B / 2.C / 3.D / 4.E / 5.A


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