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Digital is the new frontier Eventually, your business will adhere to the primary medium which is the Internet. We are remote and connected through virtual platforms. BRICK makes it easy for your customers to research you first before making a buying decision. When your customer investigates digitally, he or she makes his or her determination of credibility. When you put your company name on the front line of your customers’ view and research, you create

BRICK is thrilled to introduce our most current website project for BLUE HAT CRANE, a world-class independent provider of lifting equipment to construction and heavy industry. The new website is built with consideration of Blue Hat Crane’s need for mobile responsiveness and better user flow. BRICK went beyond and delivered an innovative website with these excellent features: branded design; improved sitemap and content for SEO and user experience; and more effective features and elements to

Have you ever gone “huh?” while listening to someone talking about digital? CTR, CTA, UTM, and DNS ever made you feel dizzy?  Worry less, we are here to break it down for you. BRICK is not just your typical ad agency, we are your partner! We care for your business and growth. Therefore, we find it important for you to have the answers even about digital if we might not be available at the time. This is why BRICK is so excited